About the company

ROKODIL is a young Russian brand of consumer goods in the world of repair, construction, plumbing and automotive tools. The company’s credo is a stylish, ergonomic, functional and reliable product – the key to successful development and, as a result, the love and availability of products among the wide mass of users. The main principle when developing a product is to make good perfect! This is where all efforts and resources are thrown, which includes refining an ordinary product to a state in which it will be truly pleasant to use, receiving true, both aesthetic and practical pleasure from the interaction process.

ROKODIL cooperates with niche flagship factories specializing in the development and production of tools, selecting only the best products through extensive and unconditional testing to ensure compliance with all global standards of quality and reliability.

While developing the next masterpiece, the company’s bright minds, in synergy with partners, bring the product to the ideal solution. When “reborn”, each product receives impeccable external and internal parameters that can be imagined. Everything is subject to modification – materials and shapes of cases, electronic components, metal alloys, software, batteries, accessories. When choosing case materials and form factors, numerous tests are carried out for ease of use – ergonomics, practicality and resistance to damage. Electronic components, metal alloys, and batteries are selected with a significant margin of strength and reliability to cope with even the most merciless operating conditions. Software and control layouts are tested and refined until they connect intuitively with the user, where every control is in the place and time it needs to be, here and now, without compromise. The equipment is thought out to the finest nuances, thanks to which interaction with the product brings true satisfaction and joy when using it, without allowing you to be distracted from the pleasant process.

An important criterion is aesthetic satisfaction: holding a masterpiece in your hands, work turns into a game, so that a Rokodil brand tool can be called a “toy for adults.”

By purchasing a ROKODIL tool, you get a perfect version of the product with its own unique inner world for almost the same money!