Rokodil diagnostic autoscanners are reliable and compact equipment for comprehensive vehicle diagnostics. With the help of a scanner, you can independently diagnose the components and assemblies of the car, reliably assess the condition of electronic systems. The device will allow you to test actuators, identify engine problems, as well as find out possible causes of malfunctions, decode and reset errors with just one click.
You will be able to carry out an accurate diagnosis of the car at any convenient time, without asking for help from the service, check the condition of the car before a long trip or directly on the road. Autoscanners differ in functionality and the range of tested cars – you will find a suitable device for any makes and models of cars. Rokodil autoscanners are simple and easy to use, do not require special skills. The output and decoding of fault codes is carried out in Russian. All devices are of high quality assembly and long service life. The manufacturer provides an official 5-year warranty for autoscanners.

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